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How exciting!  The Blue Squirrel has arrived on Prime Time.  Hop aboard and follow me and I will share with you my diary–my thoughts, passions, rants, raves and laughter.

As my inaugural post:  Left Nuts Unite–Election 2012

I have read article after article written by liberal pundits and “experts” in the fields of economics, sociology and politics criticizing and dissecting every word uttered by President Obama and it brings angry hot tears to my eyes.  Why?  Because we are failing to get our message to the people.

This past several months, women have been taking a beating in almost every state house and senate and have fared no better in our Congress.  Our ability to control our own bodies is under attack.  And the result of that attack:  Unification.  Women are crossing the aisle to join forces against those that dare attack us, our mothers, our sisters and our daughters.  Women are bringing men along with them for the fight.  We are speaking with one voice and that voice is shouting:  Unite Against the War on Women.  That simple.  The message is clean.  Our position is understandable.  We united against the attack on Planned Parenthood by Komen and then again we united against the attack on women by Rush Limbaugh.  We were ferocious.

Now, let’s take a look at how we are doing getting the word out that President Obama is the only choice for 2012.  [Silence—crickets.]  We are failing miserably.  And it shouldn’t be that difficult.  There are websites that list the accomplishments ad nauseum and yet, the message is muddled and the grassroots campaign chants of “Hope” and “Change” are silent.  What is going on?

A well known liberal talking head spoke about how the Republicans keep their party unified by blasting anyone that attempts to walk outside the talking points. And it is this lockstep march that has kept the minority in control of our Congress. One word by McCain on the floor of the Senate against the Tea Party, and he is taken to the woodshed where he is beaten into smiling like a jackass on Hannity telling him he has no idea why anyone would think the Tea Party was less than brilliant. “Hobbits? You misunderstood me. I never said anything about Hobbits.”

Many say women are their own worst critics and that is why we haven’t formed a stronger coalition to “take over” a political agenda because we do NOT stick together through thick and thin and cat fight over issues like whether Hillary should have left Bill. But when the attack was directed at women, we have roared with one voice and one message.  Why can’t liberals use that template and put together a national plan to elect the only electable Democratic President?  Because liberals need to show how liberal we are. We need the world to see all of our warts. “Look at me….I see Obama made a mistake when he didn’t push hard enough for the American Jobs Act….for  Universal heath care….for the repeal of DOMA. He gave up too much ground before the debate began. He showed his cards and his weaknesses.”

Truth is, he is making his way around this country, from one city to another, getting the word out.  Can we do less?  Can we throw him under the bus when he’s working so hard?  My conservative friends believe us to be stupid, not intellectually stupid, but politically inept.  I don’t want to be stupid.  So I am changing my approach to how I respond to my liberal friends and liberal sites.

When liberals beat up on their own, (and it should be noted that there are degrees of how liberal one is and thus how liberal ones expectations might be), we expose our weaknesses to a group of badgers (the conservatives). They will posterize us during this upcoming election season with the crap that is being heaped on Obama by his own team. The editorials from some of our most respected liberal brainiacs will be the talking points for the Republican machines. They now have plenty of ammunition to shoot us in our foot with our own gun.

Having worked on many campaigns as I made my way through high school and college…nothing is more potently destructive than your own peeps spouting your shortcomings. We need to get off our liberal soapboxes, stop judging out loud, roll up our sleeves and get to work helping. If we need to discuss the issues or concerns of our own party, then we should talk to the horse, him/herself…call our representative….talk privately to each other.   More importantly, we need to find OUR VOICE.

Listen to Elizabeth Warren.  She speaks from the heart with intelligence and ONE VOICE.  Now, listen to the protestors in the Occupy movements (although admittedly some are not liberal and do not wish to speak on behalf of the liberals).  Many voices and few were being heard.  BUT there are thousands of liberals at these protests looking for their voice and we need to come together as blogging activists and find the unifying themes that will take us to and through Election 2012.

The trolls or whatever you may call them, scan through our daily messages and sites and look for our confusion, our in-fighting, our disagreements.  They magnify these and make them talking points.  Rather than attacking another liberal by chewing up and spitting out his concerns, massage them and make them more palatable by your response.  And stop over-reacting.  We hyperventilate before we fully understand an issue.  This needs to stop.  We can find that place where we agree on most issues that will allow us to elect a Congress with enough votes to overcome future filibusters….if…..we UNITE.

Does this sound unfaithful to the idea of liberalism? I don’t think so. It’s hard fighting the fight when the infighting fractures us and the losers of this fight are: Social Security recipients, Medicare recipients, Medicaid recipients, health care, collective bargaining, safety regulations, consumer protections, the homeless, our educational system, the environment, our unemployed, the infrastructure, the planet, the people. Corporate America will do just fine watching us eat our own.  The Koch brothers, Rove, Norquist and others are sitting back waiting to let the Super Pacs unload truckloads of money to support the biggest losers ever to have run for the presidency.  Romney?  Santorum?  Gingrich?  Paul?

The party of “HELL NO” has taught us a thing or two about politics even if I don’t agree with the message behind their method.