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If you are thinking of voting for the GOP it’s because you have lost your mind–or your memory.  You’ve forgotten just about everything except the lies that you’ve been told over and over again these past three and a half years.  You’ve forgotten the lies about WMDs that took us to war.  You’ve forgotten the unprecedented amount of filibusters that have ground our Congress to a screeching halt.  You’ve forgotten Citizens United and the GOP’s love-fest with corporations and super pac money.  You’ve forgotten the endless debates about women’s reproductive organs and the attempt to end equal pay for equal work no matter your sex.  You’ve forgotten the Bush Tax Cuts and the attempt by the GOP to privatize Medicare.  You’ve forgotten so much more.

Barry Davis has written, published and produced “(I’m Voting Democratic Because) I Have A Memory.”  But he’s taken it a BIG step further.  He is soliciting testimonials on your memories and the reasons you are voting democratic and for President Obama in 2012, putting together an “I Have A Memory” YouTube catalog to awaken the voters who may have forgotten.

The song “(I’m Voting Democratic Because) I Have A Memory,” sung by Sam Saletta, is available for downloading on iTunes and you may play it here as often as you like.   I have taken to singing it everywhere and play it loudly and proudly.

For those who would like to upload a short testimonial as to why you are voting democratic in 2012 and why your memory is still crystal clear, here is an instructional video to help you format your 15 seconds of fame, where to upload it on YouTube and where to send the URL.

Me?  I haven’t forgotten.  I have a memory…..many memories…..and I’m all in for Obama 2012.

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